We are about happiness.   Most people would agree the world needs more of it.   So who are we?   Just who are writing this blog?

Your could call us the “Happiness Duo” I guess, for it is our aim to help you and other readers find ways in which you can lead happier lives.    We’d like to relieve your stress, lessen the angst, and enable you to have more joy in your life.

On this site you will find the openings to a number of books written by us.    You’re encouraged to browse through them; to see if there’s something of particular interest to you.    If there is, then get back to us.   Let us know which of these you’d like us to expand on further.   The books are already written.   You only have to ask.

The “Happiness Duo” comprises of Yew Kam Keong – or Doctor YKK, as he prefers to be called (YKK  has a PH.D and is a member of MENSA)  and Arthur Thomas Ware, who prefers to be called by his middle name, Tom.  

Dr. YKK and Tom met in 2008 whilst attending a Toastmasters Club meeting in Sydney, Australia.   They discovered that they shared many common interests: Spirituality -without religious trappings – Creative Writing,  Public Speaking and –  Happiness.    A mutually shared philosophy of “spreading happiness” appealed to them both, hence the idea for a book, plus this website  took root.    Both Tom and YKK are already accomplished writers and speakers, so the book, “Who Stole Your Happiness?” is a natural progression. 

Dr. YKK believes in being happy no matter what happens.  Though his early years had been tough, he persevered.  At age fifty-five, when so many are thinking of retirement, YKK was bitten by the ‘Adventure Bug.’   Since then he has tried sky-diving, scuba-diving, mountaineering, white-water rafting and other challenging sports.   He had never been a sportsman in his earlier years.

Though living a comfortable life in Malaysia, YKK decided in 2007 to move to Australia to begin a new life.    He currently enjoys indulging his passions of writing, speaking on business creativity and innovation, and now on happiness as well.    YKK has four grownup children, two boys and two girls, and three loveable grandchildren.

Tom has been following his passions of Creative Writing,  Public Speaking, and Self-knowledge for many a year.   For the last eight years he has run a class for the University of the Third Age (retirees) in Sydney.    His subject:  Inner Quest, Our Search for Happiness Body, Mind and Spirit.   Several hundred people have attended these classes over the years, some remaining right from the beginning.   

Tom has had an interesting life, living and working in a number of countries and in half-a-dozen different specialist fields including a year-long stint as an Antartic expeditioner.       He’s now into his fifteenth year of so-called ‘retirement’ and has never been more productive in his life.    He’s married with three grownup children and four adorable grandchildren.


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