April 13, 2010

Where are you – Me? Experiences in Vipassana Meditation, by Arthur Thomas Ware.

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If you logged onto this site because of its title, then you’re the reader I’m writing for.   You want to know more about yourself.   You desire to know the “real” you.    You are what I’d call a “searcher,”    Moreover, you’ve probably thought, possibly with some exasperation, “I’m ….. years into my life and I still haven’t got a clue what it’s about or where it’s leading.”    The seeming futility of being born, just to die, might be causing you a certain despondency.   ” What’s the point of it all?” you might be asking.    If these aspects of life concern you, then read on.

     The question “Where Are You –  Me?” depicts the main theme of these writings.   It is a description of the search by the author to find out where the essential quintessence of “me” lies.   

     Equally important: what  this “me” is.    It describes the search, findings, and philosophies which have evolved from these findings.   It does not purport to be the Whole Truth.     But it is my Truth, the author’s views at the time of writing.    That these views will change as more Truth is revealed to me is very likely.   Nothing is static.   However, the results of these findings, even at this relatively undeveloped stage, coupled with the views I express here, should be of interest to the many.    For what is authenticated by me can be authenticated by you.   The results are applicable to everyone.

     In the opening chapters I endeavour to describe that dimension into which we plunge when we successfully undertake “Self Discovery.”   For the want of a label I have called this, “The Fifth Dimension.”   Briefly, I’m describing how we are all made up of a space-time dimension other than the physical; a dimension which takes into account that amorphous concept we refer to as our Mind.   Some of the concepts are difficult to comprehend.   But if the reader stays with me he, or she will, I expect, eventually make sense of it all.

(If you want to read more of this book, please let us know)

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