April 13, 2010

Inner Quest Our Search for Happiness, by Arthur Thomas Ware

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Chapter One – Going Within.

Want to come on a fantastic voyage? Want to journey into the heart of your own self? Want to truly comprehend your own being with greater understanding than you ever have before? Then come aboard. Sail with me as we explore these internal worlds within our own selves. It’ll be a trip you’re likely to remember – always.

     Forty-two years ago, in 1968, this old ex-sailor embarked on an ‘internal’ voyage.   I didn’t sail out over the sea.   I went below it.   Like a nuclear submarine, I dived deep, going below the surface of normal, everyday things.   This internal Odyssey took me within my ‘self.’   My own awareness penetrated my physical body – then into various layers of my emotions and my mind.   This was a psychic trip.  I dived beyond the usual internal self-talk phenomenon, into silence.    And from silence came the answers I sought.   They continue to come.

     Like so many people, I’d already asked myself: ” What am I?” “Why am I here?”  “Do I have a specific purpose?”  No answers came; not at first.   Then, gradually, over the years, they did.  “You were born to make people happy.”   That was in 1987.   Then, much later:  “Life is about making friends, and becoming friends with old enemies, and acquiring the qualities which allow this.”

     Here is the first part of a message I received via automatic writing in February 2002.

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