April 13, 2010

Finger in the Stream – Conversations with a Higher Self, by Arthur Thomas Ware.

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Chapter One

The reader will be far more concerned with what Higher Self (the ‘God part’ of us all) has to say than the writer’s personal story so I will dispense with that.    Automatic Writing is a common enough ‘psychic’ ability.   What differentiates one recipient from another is the quality of the writings – the content.    So I will simply preface each segment of these writings with the date on which I received them.

     To begin

Tue 13/11/01

     Thank you, God, for enabling ‘Conversations with God’ to come into my possession.   It is the most significant book I think I have ever read-  and I’ve read some good ones.    What makes it so authentic is that I, too, am able to take Automatic Writing.     And as you know – but this is for the reader – I have been doing so for around forty years.

     I contact you wondering if you have anything at all you would like to say to me, for I love to hear from you.

Automatic Writing -Response

Don’t worry about how I sound.   Everything I say does not have to be profound truths, does it?   I love you, too.   In fact I am love.    I am the love and joy which holds the whole universe together.   I am the universe and the joy.    But you have already comprehended this and that is as I wanted it to be for you.

     Your desire in obtaining more freedom by becoming more able to influence your material world is not one which I would subscribe to.   Your main work is to produce laughter and affection in others.   I am merely observing what you have been asking for yourself.   You can change all that at any time.  That is your prerogative.   But what you are after is advice, ongoing advice.

     You have it in your power to become whatever you want, and to do whatever you want to do.   You know this theoretically but do not as yet believe it in your heart.   Mind tells you that this is not possible.   Only a fragment of comprehension – which will grow, incidentally – knows it deeply enough for you to work on.

     Do not correct for grammar here.      Let it flow.

     You are able to communicate a wealth of feeling and a wealth of wisdom but you do not need to create the circumstances in which you are able to do this.   –   You’re not going to record this for posterity, are you?    You might?

     All right.   Where to begin?…

(If you’d like more of this book, please let us know)

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