April 13, 2010

Divine Dialogue – How to Record and Conversation with God, by Arthur Thomas Ware.

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‘Divine Dialogue’  is an instructional book or ‘how to do it’  type book designed to introduce the reader to Automatic Writing.   By its reading, and by the practices it advocates, the reader is enabled to use this technique for his or her own spiritual development.

The book comprises a series of recorded conversations between Arthur Thomas Ware, the author’s ‘little self’  (referred to as the ego in psychological literature) and ‘Higher Self,’ that part of us which is closest to God.

A great many books have been ‘dictated’ to authors via the phenomenon known as Automatic Writing.   The most recent of these have been the best-selling series, Conversations with God, Books 1, 2, and 3, Friendship with God, and Communion with God, by Neale Donald Walsch of the USA.   Walch took his first automatic communication in 1993.   This writer’s been at it since 1968.

Divine Dialogue is the result of forty years of practice.  During this time the author has taken down far more than a million words by this method.   This book deals with his experiences in how to master the technique.    Advice is given on what to do and, of equal importance, what not to do.   And this advice comes not only from the author’s ‘little self’ but from that part of him purporting to be God.

The work is quite short:   A one page introduction, fourteen chapters, and 36,000 words.

May the instruction in this book help you in communicating with – your Higher Self.

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